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Restoring Wetlands: More Reasons to Book Everglades Airboat Tours Today

Water pollution is nothing new. It is only in the past few decades that man began to realize the grave cost of his nonchalant ways towards the environment, and Southern Florida’s jewel, the Everglades, is just one of the many casualties of his acts. Fortunately, there are socially and environmentally responsive groups who are reversing the tide of developmental damage. One of these projects, reports the Huffington Post in Miami, is the restoration of the Everglades’ interdependent ecosystems of water and wildlife.

According to the report, Florida has recently begun a canal project to keep freshwater flowing into Florida Bay, thereby affecting the Everglades in its entirety. With a healthier ecosystem of wetlands and parklands, sightseeing jaunts can be enjoyed by tourists, especially through memorable Everglades airboat tours. South Florida Water Management District’s Tom Stroud said that the project hopes to filter the water properly so that only sanitized water flows into the Everglades and helps avoid further environmental loss.

One of the project’s aims is to protect the Everglades’ wildlife, which makes its home in the intricate swamp-like animal sanctuary. Some of these animals on view include alligators, vultures, woodpeckers, and the different varieties of snakes and fishes. For the botany enthusiast, many species of mangroves, hardwood hammock, sawgrass, and wide categories of vegetation can yield new discoveries.

Perhaps the best way to tour and enjoy the native wildlife up close is through an airboat, a shallow-water vessel with a flat bottom and a wide open space for cargo. This is powered by a large, mounted fan-like propeller turbine that is necessary for traversing the shallow waters of the Everglades. Many tour companies, such as Ride the Wind, offer a wide variety of dependable airboats for cruising the river and swamps.

Know the best time of the year to visit this area to make the best of your airboat tour. Take note that many insects, such as mosquitoes and the like, are active around April to October, but don’t let that stop you from going as long as you carry an insect repellent and some protective gears. The winter is likewise an excellent time for viewing wildlife at the Everglades.

Thanks to Florida’s dedication in preserving the natural beauty of the place and in keeping the ecosystems alive and thriving, you can count on exciting discoveries while taking enjoyable Everglades airboat rides through the marshlands. Through the government’s commitment and the public’s cooperation, Florida’s pride may continue to be the natural marvel it was intended and meant to be. The Everglades is as much for our future generations to enjoy and preserve as it is for us.