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Private Airboat Rides Everglades: 5 Things I Bet You Didn’t Know About Sea Turtles

Sea turtles are a wonderful species that have become a part of the Everglades many wonders for many years now and sadly they have become an endangered specimen. There are many things to admire about the beauty and uniqueness of a sea turtle during a Private Airboat Rides Everglades but further than just its beauty, here are a couple things about the sea turtle that I bet you were completely unaware of:

1. There are only 7 sea turtle species left around the word. Those seven species are the Green, Hawksbill, Leatherback, Flatback, Loggerhead, Kemp Ridley and Olive Ridley species.

2. The biggest freshwater turtle in North America is actually the alligator snapping turtle, which can grow up to 2.5 feet long and up to 200 lbs. in weight. This species of turtle is a carnivore, and it likes to munch on things like fish, frogs, snakes, and even other turtles. Talk about creepy!

3. I know you have probably heard things like,” You are as slow as a turtle.” And well, have you ever wondered why a turtle walks so slowly? The reason why a turtle is so slow is that their flippers are adapted to swimming and not walking. When it comes to swimming, they are actually quite swift and travel large distances.

4. Did you know that turtles can hear vibrations? Sea Turtles are known for their keen eyesight and sense of smell.

5. Sea Turtles can live pretty long lives. Their lifespan ranges from 70-80 years old.

Bonus Fact: Sea Turtles do not have teeth but their mouths are adapted to chew over the food that they digest.

How many did things did you learn about sea turtles that you didn’t already know? Aren’t they a beautiful creature? Let’s start working together to save their species. Such a beautiful animal should not cease to exist.

Everglades Airboat Rides: What you didn’t know about the history of airboats

Everglades Airboat Rides

Everglades Airboat Rides play an indispensable part in our everyday routine in the Everglades. Unquestionably, we couldn’t deliver our Florida airboat tours without an airboat! But do you know how airboats originated? Many people think that airboats were invented in Florida; nevertheless, that’s not the case.

Airboats are also known as fan boats and were created by Alexander Graham Bell in 1905 in Nova Scotia, Canada. The real motive behind the creation of the airboat was for testing several engines and brace structures. The first informed airboat in Florida was registered in 1920 and it was called the Curtis Scooter after an assistant of Dr. Bell, Glenn Curtiss.

Ten years later, airboats started to appear in the Everglades of Florida and Louisiana. As years were passing by, many designs were tried and the typical airboat design we use today was created. It was an open boat made from aluminum and fiberglass with a fixed engine on the back and high seats.

With this amazing invention, you can now take advantage of an exciting airboat ride in the Everglades! With gorgeous landscapes and remarkable wildlife, our airboats at Ride the Wind will offer the best Everglades, Florida experience ever. Get ready to book a tour and get a little bit of the airboat’s history.

Airboat Tours Everglades Miami: What you are missing if you don’t take an airboat ride in the Everglades

A visit to the Florida Everglades will never be the same without a thrilling airboat ride. An Airboat Tours Everglades Miami trip will let you see more of the Everglades than you ever expected. Airboat rides are inexpensive, fun, and great for the entire family. Through an airboat, you can travel around the River of Grass at a relaxed pace or a fast-paced breathtaking one. You can also go for a short airboat tour, as well as a long journey. Whatever your choice is, an airboat ride is a treasured memory you should have of your vacation.

Your skilled airboat captain will guide your tour through the Everglades. Your captain is more than just a secure airboat worker; he is also very helpful during your tour guide, since he was born and raised in the area. Besides being so much fun, your airboat ride can be just as educational, with information about the plants, animals and history of the Everglades.

Most visitors will discover a variety of birds, a great number of mammal species, including the endangered Florida Panther. Don’t forget to bring you camera with you to capture the eye-catching surroundings of the Everglades and keep your eyes open to get the most wonderful memories you will have for a lifetime.