Everglades Airboat Rides Miami: What you didn’t know about Florida Panthers

We all have many reasons to visit the never ending Everglades in Florida on an Everglades Airboat Rides Miami. Besides enjoying a beautiful natural environment, we get to meet the most extraordinary animal species. One of the favorite species is the Florida panther. I bet you are thinking about the pink panther right now, and that’s the first thing that comes to mind when we all hear the word panther.
These animals are remarkable and beautiful mammals that can hide many secrets most of you didn’t know! Do you want to learn something new about the Florida Panthers? Keep reading and you’ll find out some things you didn’t know about our lovely Florida panthers.

• Florida panthers are more narrowly related to housecats.
• We haven’t heard of human attacks performed by Florida Panthers
• Panthers in Florida are usually called by other names such as painters, pumas and fire cats.
• Florida Panthers are well known for being amazing swimmers. They can swim across canals.
• They are the official Florida mammal
• Florida Panthers are typically found in pinelands and diverse marsh forests
• Florida panthers are very private animals, they like to be alone.
• Florida panthers have a remarkably large number of health issues.
• These amazing creatures have outstanding deepness perception but lack the panoramic view
• Florida Panthers can live up to 13-15 years in the wild

Mr. Jackson