Everglades Airboat Tours Ft Lauderdale: Alligator Vs Crocodile: What’s the Difference?

During many occasions on our Everglades Airboat Tours Ft Lauderdale, we have witnessed how the great majority of people confuse an alligator for a crocodile or vice versa. We tend to confuse the two because they are both known for their scaly skin and scary teeth. The funny thing about it is, the great number of us have committed that same mistake, thinking that both these beautiful creatures are the same when in reality they aren’t. So, what is the difference between an alligator and a crocodile? Let’s find out!

• Although they are remotely similar, they begin to differ in small things like their nose shape. Alligators for one have a snout that is shaped in a “U” form. While on the other hand, a crocodile has a sharp, pointy-like “V” shaped nose.

• Their jaws are actually a lot different as well. For alligators, their upper jaw is a lot longer and wider than their bottom jaw, making it overlap and hide their fierce teeth. A crocodile has a jaw the same size both for upper and lower, making their teeth interlock and become visible.

• Some crocodile species are far way more aggressive than that of an alligator. Alligators are believed to be more docile than a crocodile. But in reality, the behavior of each species varies.

• They both come from a different family, which is why they are very different if you pay close attention to their appearance and behavior.

• Crocodiles favor and adapt to living in salt water while an alligator favors fresh water.

• In general terms, Crocodiles have a lighter skin tone than the appearance of an alligator’s skin.

Now that you know how these animals differ do you think you would be successful in telling them apart if you were to spot one? Next time you visit the Everglades or the local zoo, try to take notes and see which is which.

Mr. Jackson