Exciting Everglades Airboat Tours: What You Don’t Want to Miss Out On

An article on dated April 13, 2013 recounted the story of a Florida tour guide who tussled with a feral 10-foot long Burmese python while taking a family of four on a boat tour through the Everglades. The seemingly dangerous, yet exhilarating experience proved quite memorable for the sightseers, who were treated to a spectacular match between man and beast. Although such risks are not always present, tour guides on adventure-filled Everglades airboat tours will do everything in their power to keep guests safe from harm.

The Everglades are one of Florida’s most popular sightseeing destinations due to the lush flora and fauna that this unique and sprawling ecosystem can sustain. The wetlands are home to fishes, crustaceans, turtles, crocodilians, and snakes—the latter two being the most compelling wildlife features in the nature preserve. Tourists flock to the Everglades to see these amazing creatures in action in their natural habitat.

It should be noted that some animal species found in the Everglades are considered invasive, and do not belong there. The guide was fully aware the Burmese python that he pounced on was not endemic to the American wetlands, and was probably the spawn of an escaped pet snake, which is why he didn’t hesitate to get rid of it. These exotic reptiles compete directly with the local predators for food, a problem that can upset the delicate ecosystem of the Everglades over time.

These small facts are best realized when you hop aboard exciting Everglades airboat tours. As they take you deep into the heart of these pristine wetlands, seasoned tour guides can give you a rundown of how concerned parties are attending to such pressing environmental concerns. Airboat tours present an excellent opportunity to see these animals front and center, and in the flesh. More importantly, these tours educate visitors about the Everglades’ current state and how they can help save this valuable nature preserve.

Meanwhile, snake encounters should be the least of your problems when you book with trusted airboat tour operators like Ride-The-Wind. Most tours are supervised by experienced guides who are quite knowledgeable in various survival and first-aid skills. Your guide may not be as audacious as the snake wrestler, but you’ll definitely take home a lifetime’s worth of memorable experiences.

The chances of a snake attack happening on a typical airboat tour are rather slim, so you shouldn’t be discouraged from joining one. Even if your tour boat does chance upon a serpent in the marshes, rest assured that your tour guide is equipped to deal with the situation. After all, meeting these magnificent, and mostly harmless creatures is all part of the excitement.

Mr. Jackson