Fort Lauderdale Everglades Airboat Tours: Florida Everglades To Undergo $880M Wetlands Restoration Initiative

Maintaining a clean and healthy environment is critical for life on Earth and for Fort Lauderdale Everglades Airboat Tours. Who is in charge of making sure that these waters, especially the Everglades, are getting the treatments they deserve? MWH is a global wet infrastructure sector leader that specializes in water and waste water treatment, environmental engineering, construction management, and more. With their big aspirations in place, MWH was awarded a “master services agreement contract by the South Florida Water Management District (SFWMD)”. Their plans are to offer construction and engineering services toward the $880 million Restoration Strategies Regional Water Quality Plan, which is a component of Florida’s ongoing commitment to Everglades’ restoration.

Some of the projects that MWH has planned include the design and construction management of several restoration activities such as canal bank stabilization, control structures, storm water pump locations and treatment areas, flow equalization basins, reservoirs, spillways and related mechanisms that all work to stabilize and improve the Everglades’ ecosystem throughout south Florida. The Everglades contains high levels of phosphorus and other nutrients, which can negatively impact the region and its water supply – this has become of major concern. The expansion plan that they are working on doubles “the site’s effective treatment area to further reduce phosphorus concentrations and increase the volume of treated water from the facility. The expansion will take place in two phases, with approximately 6,500 total acres of new treatment area available upon completion”.

Marshall Davert, president for government and infrastructure for MWH in the Americas and Asia Pacific, said that the “Protection of the everglades and its water quality are an important task as Florida looks toward the future of its prized wetlands and wildlife habitats.” Additionally, he stated that “MWH is pleased to be a partner in this work and we look forward to developing and implementing innovative solutions alongside the leadership at the South Florida Water Management District.”

The efforts to renovate and enhance this natural region of tropical wetlands in Florida will surely increase tourism and consumer rates. In hopes of doing so, SFWMD’s purpose is “Building a Better World: We better the lives of those we touch and improve communities around the world through our personal and professional contributions.”

Tourists are always in the lookout for new explorations and adventures outside of their norm. These efforts and improvements will definitely lead Ride the Wind towards more success.