Miami Florida Everglades Tours: 10 Curious Crocodile Facts

Sure, when we hear the word “crocodile”, we automatically picture a large reptile, but do we ever stop to wonder what else is there to a crocodile other than its long jaw, and dry skin? Here you’ll learn 10 curious crocodile facts than you would have never guessed!

Majority of crocodile jaws are composed of 24 teeth that are designed to crush, and not chew.

The Nile crocodile has over 60 teeth. Yikes! And if a tooth falls out, the tooth gets replaced.

One time in the Ukraine a crocodile swallowed a cell phone dropped by a visitor, and the cell phone continued ringing inside of the croc’s stomach!

There are both salt water and fresh water crocodiles.

Crocodile babies make noises inside of their egg when they’re ready. They make sure the mother crocodile can unbury them, and help them hatch.

In 2014, an Australian Hunter escaped a crocodile attack by poking the animal in the eye.

Crocodiles have a slow metabolism; they can survive for months without eating.

Crocodiles lay up to 60 eggs at a time.

Crocodiles are fast swimmers. Swimming up to 20 mph!

Crocodiles can easily become an endangered species since they are constantly hunted for their skin.

Clearly, there are more curious facts about the animal, than what we commonly know. If you want to learn even more about the incredible reptile, contact us at Ride the Wind, and experience firsthand what it’s like to see one of these crocs up close on our Miami Florida Everglades Tours.

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