Most Recent News in the Everglades: State Senator asks DEP to stop issuing oil-drilling permits

The state senator, Daren Soto is asking the state to put a pause on allowing the permutation of allowing oil exploration in the Everglades. They, the legislators, first want to test the risks of this activity. The letter bellow is from DEP Secretary Herschel Vinyard where he asks DEP to “clarify whether any of these …

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Air Boat Rides in the Everglades: Top 10 Things You Must Do When You Visit The Everglades!

Visiting the Everglades is one of the rewarding experiences! Regardless if you’re a Floridian or not, you should definitely do these 10 things when you visit the Everglades! The Everglades is welcome to outdoor lovers where you can watch nature, take a hike in the many trails, sail, snorkel or dive, etc. The first thing …

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Airboat Rides Everglades: Not Your Average Pizza

When you think of the Everglades the last thing that comes to mind is probably still not pizza. A pizza joint in Fort Myers, Evan’s Neighborhood Pizza, offers, “A special slithering pie topped with virtually every creature that lives in the swamp.” At Evan’s Neighborhood Pizza they serve an Everglades special which includes a combination …

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Boat Ride Fort Lauderdale: The Bodies of Water in the Everglades

Most people think of Lake Okeechobee, the Everglades National Park and the canals that run through when talking about the Everglades. Little do most people know is that the watershed is a lot larger than those things. Before the alteration of man, Lake Okeechobee would flow southward when Florida was going through a rainy season. …

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