Airboat Everglade Tours: More insights on the Everglades

Airboat Everglade Tours Thousands of tourists visit the Florida Everglades each year for Airboat Everglade Tours. They go aboard on the most exciting adventure of their lives by experiencing all the living creatures existing in this extraordinary paradise. When you start your tour, you are able to explore the Everglades nature walk. Butterflies, snails, alligators, …

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Airboat Tour Everglades: Endangered Animals

On your Airboat Tour Everglades, you can see endangered animals and wildlife species, subspecies, or inaccessible inhabitants that are likely to become threatened in the future except stages are taken to safeguard and manage the species and its environment for its existence. Alligator and Crocodile The most popular species in the Everglades are the famous …

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Airboat Everglades: Flora and Fauna in the Everglades

Flora and Fauna in the Everglades The Everglades is the ideal place to go when you are on vacation due to the first-hand experience of all the flora and fauna that you encounter on your trip there, especially on an Airboat Everglades. You get to see all of nature’s wonders and beautiful environment that is …

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Miami Florida Everglades Tours: 10 Curious Crocodile Facts

Sure, when we hear the word “crocodile”, we automatically picture a large reptile, but do we ever stop to wonder what else is there to a crocodile other than its long jaw, and dry skin? Here you’ll learn 10 curious crocodile facts than you would have never guessed! Majority of crocodile jaws are composed of …

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