Everglades Airboat Tours Fort Lauderdale: Why choose an airboat?

If you want to see the Everglades why not just drive down and explore on your own, right? Wrong. The best way to get the full Everglades experience is on Everglades Airboat Tours Ft Lauderdale! Not just any airboat of course, but an airboat with Ride The Wind. Take a chance and see the Everglades …

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Everglade Airboat Tours Fort Lauderdale: Here’s A Few Things To Do Around The Everglades!

Planning on traveling to South Florida? Having trouble finding outings to add to your itinerary? Your Everglades adventure starts here! There are countless exciting opportunities that the Everglades offers to tourists. Everglades National Park spans across 1.5 million acres. Visitors can enjoy a multitude of activities from hiking, canoeing and biking, to camping, Everglade Airboat …

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Fort Lauderdale Everglades Airboat Tours: Florida Everglades To Undergo $880M Wetlands Restoration Initiative

Maintaining a clean and healthy environment is critical for life on Earth and for Fort Lauderdale Everglades Airboat Tours. Who is in charge of making sure that these waters, especially the Everglades, are getting the treatments they deserve? MWH is a global wet infrastructure sector leader that specializes in water and waste water treatment, environmental …

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Ft Lauderdale Airboat Rides Everglades: The Everglades Wildfire

The wildfire that blanketed South Florida in thick smoke Monday now has exploded in size, covering about 19,500 acres in western Broward County – up from 2,500 acres earlier in the day. “I’ve never seen smoke like this before,” said Scott Peterich, Florida Forest Service spokesman, adding that firefighters are mostly monitoring the blaze, rather …

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