Swamp Tours Everglades: Ride the Wind Fort Lauderdale Airboat Ride update November 26, 2014

Welcome to Ride the Wind private airboat charters and Swamp Tours Everglades located just west of Fort Lauderdale in the city of Weston. I’m Captain Randy I will be your captain today. I am a United States Coast Guard 100-ton master captain I’m also a history teacher for the Dade and Broward County School Board. I teach about South Florida and the Florida Everglades.

The best way to see and experience Florida Everglades is on a private airboat. I’m also a Gator Handler with hands-on experience.Ride the Wind Airboat Rides

I was born in Fort Lauderdale, been here all my life and my grandfather was my teacher in the Florida Everglades. When I was little boy he would give me airboat rides and then he told us about alligators, the birds, the turtles, the land, the way of the Miccosukee and Seminole Indians.

Our Fort Lauderdale private airboat rides are the best in Florida. No other airboat company comes close to what we offer. We have dual controls on our air boats to let a co-pilot get a chance to drive the boat. When the family gets a chance to drive it is so much fun. We have enough room for a whole family on the airboat you can bring a cooler of your favorite drinks. Make sure you bring cameras with you and sunglasses and a sense of humor.

Get ready to see a lot of beautiful things in the Everglades flowers, trees, birds, turtles, alligators, otters, and sometimes whitetail deer. The serenity and peace just cleanses your soul. It’s a great healing moment to come out with us and it is on the top of the bucket list of things to do in your life. Taking an airboat ride in Fort Lauderdale is one of the greatest things you and your family will experience. We also have airboat rides in Miami. My brother is there we do gator shows and you can hold a baby gator at our Miami location.

Our 36 mile airboat rides are in Fort Lauderdale we travel into Palm Beach County and to West Palm Beach and back to Fort Lauderdale. On our airboat rides in Fort Lauderdale you are guaranteed to see a lot of animals, a variety of flowers, and we have a slate with pictures on it so that you can identify what you are seeing. If you don’t know what it is, you can look on this slate and see the pictures of the different birds, turtles, and frogs.

Please go to our website for all of our information, directions, and maps to our Fort Lauderdale Airboat rides. You will also see our prices and merchandise for ride the wind airboat tours. Don’t wait give us a call. Make your reservations for a private airboat ride in Fort Lauderdale or semi-private airboat tour in Miami. It is one of the best things to do in Florida and something you will never forget. This is your captain speaking, Captain Randy Meeker Ride the Wind Private Airboat Rides.