Why Take Your Kids on an Everglades Private Airboat Tour at Fort Lauderdale?


As adults we all agree that safety for our kids is first. Many parents wonder if an airboat ride at the Everglades is appropriate for their little ones. At Ride The Wind Private Airboat Tour we have good news for you: an airboat Everglades tour is not only safe but an exciting activity for kids.

Fort Lauderdale Private Airboat Rides are Safe for Kids

It’s a common concern, safety for kids. Well, good news, they’re safe. At the private airboat everyone has earplugs for the noise, and the speed is just the perfect one to appreciate the flora and fauna. The vessel is wide enough, if you’re an overprotective parent, you can have your kids at the center. Once you do the first ride with your kids, you’ll want to do it more often.

Taking your kids on an Everglades Private Airboat Tour at Fort Lauderdale can be a unique and thrilling experience with numerous benefits. Here are some reasons why an Everglades Airboat Ride is an exciting activity for your kids. 

Educational Experience:

Kids love learning and discovering new things. The Everglades is the perfect opportunity to learn about an amazing ecosystem. An airboat tour provides an educational fun time for kids to learn about the diverse plants and animal life in this wetland habitat.

It’s common that Everglades private Airboat guides share interesting facts about the environment, wildlife, and conservation efforts, fostering a greater appreciation for nature.

Close Encounters with Wildlife:

If your kids have never been on a safari or a park with different animal species, this will be an exciting activity for them, they will be amazed to see wildlife up close, including alligators, birds, and various fish species. This firsthand experience can be both thrilling and educational for children.

Outdoor Exploration:

Children enjoy spending time outdoors, breathing in fresh air and enjoying the natural beauty of the Everglades. This can be a welcome break from indoor activities and screens. 

Thrilling Adventure:

The speed and agility of airboats provide a sense of adventure for kids. The excitement of gliding over the water and through the grassy marshes can be particularly appealing to those who enjoy thrill-seeking experiences.

Family Bonding:

Shared experiences, like an airboat tour, can strengthen family bonds. The sense of adventure and exploration creates a shared memory that family members can talk about and reminisce over. These are priceless memories that all the family members may want to frequently repeat.

Photographic Opportunities:

The Everglades’ unique scenery and diverse wildlife provide excellent photo opportunities. Kids can capture moments with their cameras or smartphones, creating a visual diary of their adventure. If they’re big enough to use a phone or camera, it’s such an adventure for them to save their own memories, and show them to their friends. 

Everglades Private Airboat Tours at Fort Lauderdale with Ride The Wind!

At Ride The Wind we have more than 40 years of airboating experience, you and your loved ones are safe with our certified and trained boat captains. They will guide you through the Everglades on one of our state-of-the-art vessels that are as safe as they are sleek.

When looking for an adventure that your kids will never forget, don’t hesitate and bring your kids on a safe airboat tour at the Everglades, in Fort Lauderdale. Contact us to book your next unforgettable adventure. Click here to see where we are located. 

Mr. Jackson