Airboat Tour Everglades: Endangered Animals

On your Airboat Tour Everglades, you can see endangered animals and wildlife species, subspecies, or inaccessible inhabitants that are likely to become threatened in the future except stages are taken to safeguard and manage the species and its environment for its existence.

Alligator and Crocodile
The most popular species in the Everglades are the famous American Alligator & American crocodile. Gators were listed as threatened like four decades ago. Nevertheless, populations rapidly recovered resulting in delisting as an endangered species.

Sea Turtles
The deteriorating population of sea turtles has been the target to commercial collecting for eggs and food as well as a supplementary fishery. Some of the most popular endangered species are Hawksbill sea turtle, Atlantic Ridley sea turtle, and leatherback sea turtle.

Main extortions to the Florida panther’s survival are destruction and ruin of habitation. An early recovery plan is presently being executed which recognizes, defends, and improves the existing range and habitats; creates optimistic support; and reinstates panthers into areas of suitable habitat.

The manatee is a large, dull, marine mammal. Its circulation is determined mainly by water temperature as manatees cannot survive long in cold water. In the Everglades, manatees frequently travel into warm rivers or near the frenzied liberations of power plants during cold season months.

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