Loxahatchee Airboat: Invaders in the Everglades

Loxahatchee Airboat

There are several foreign species intimidating some of the native species of the Florida Everglades. We have trees eradicating some native plants, and non-native fishes consuming local fish species. The Florida Everglades is undergoing from a torrent of stress produced by all the non-native species. These attackers can reproduce many times more than native species and surpass them.

Besides being a danger to native species, foreign species can harm the environment and consequently have an economic impact. This impact is more damaging in the Florida Everglades since the climate is favorable for these non-native species, so it will be easier for them to settle down and more difficult for them to leave.

Their increase might be controlled by stopping the discharge of non-native plants and animals into the wild and by calculating species that are invading on nature. Whatever happens, the Everglades will not stop from being one of the most amazing attractions in Florida. Even though these non native species are causing trouble, they remain part of our natural history, and maybe removing them is not the ideal solution, but who knows? Nature is nature! Go on our Loxahatchee Airboat to see all this!

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