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tourists exploring the Everglades through an airboat ride

One thing that tops the list of things to do in Florida is Everglades Airboat Tours in Miami and Everglades Airboat tours in Weston. Hop onto our private airboats for an unforgettable tour of the Everglades. Ride-the-wind provides the best Everglades airboat tours. Our premier Everglades airboat tours are private, which you can enjoy with your family and friends.
Our private Everglades Airboat tours differentiate us from the rest. You can have complete privacy with just your loved ones present on the airboat and one of our highly trained airboat captains.

Everglades Airboats Ride

With water all around, you can zip into the waters with our high-speed airboats and actually ride the wind. The airboats we use for our Everglades Airboat tours use state of the art technology and are highly reliable and adventurous at the same time. What’s more! To add to your experience, our Everglades Airboats are equipped with dual control so that you can drive the airboat yourself! Riding through the waters on and Everglades Airboat is one of a kind experience. The thrill that you feel cannot be matched and that is one reason we call ourselves “Ride the Wind”.

Everglades tour
Everglades Private Airboat Tours

We provide completely private Everglades airboat rides. These private airboat tours start from Weston and are called Fort Lauderdale Private Airboat Rides. This exploratory tour takes you through the most natural and interesting areas. You get to see several exotic animals such as the alligators on the Everglades tour. On your private airboat tour, you can ride the airboat yourself anytime you wish and steer into the unexplored areas of Everglades.
Our private Everglades tour is of three different durations; One-hour, two-hours and three hours. On this tour, we cover a distance of thirty-six miles. On this ride, you will get to have a close look at the wildlife that lives in the Everglades waters. One major benefit of the private Everglades airboat tours is that you can stop anywhere to take a closer look at something that you find interesting. This freedom is not available on tours offered by others.

Everglades Airboat Tours Miami

We also offer a semi-private Everglades airboat tours for those who do not want to spend much. Our semi-private airboat tours are also one of the best in Florida. In the two hour tour, you ride with a couple of other people and get to experience the natural wildlife and the famous alligators of Everglades. On the airboat tour, you will be guided by one of our experienced airboat pilots who will ensure your safety. The pilots are fluent in both English and Spanish and you will have no problem communicating with them. Our Everglades airboats from Miami depart every thirty minutes. You can enjoy the Everglades in every thirty minutes on all seven days of the week!

What They Have To Say

Those who take the Everglades airboat ride with us once come back again for the experience and thrill and recommend us to their friends. This is what they have to say about us:
“It was an exhilarating and enthralling experience. I have never seen anything like this before. Captain Randy is amazing and guided us all the way on the tour. My kids were so excited to see the alligators.” -Annie
“We took the Private Everglades Tour and it was worth every penny. Captain Randy was super cooperative and we stopped at several placed to take pictures. The ride was for two-hours but it was so much fun that we wished it last longer” -Hannah
“The ride was all good but my favorite part was when I got to ride the airboat myself. It was so thrilling to speed into the water on the airboat. It was something I had not experienced before. I would definitely go again only to ride the airboat once more.” -Jake
“My friends and I went for the private tour. We took a pack of beer and enjoyed the ride on a bright sunny day. Captain Randy is a fun person. He guided us throughout the tour. Great experience.” -William

Reach Us

To enjoy our Ride-the-wind Everglades Airboat Tours, you can find us at 1006 U.S. 27
Weston, Florida. We ensure that you have a comfortable stay and find you the most comfortable and luxurious hotels in Florida. If you wish to reach us, fill out this form and someone from our team will contact you. We’re open from 8 am to 9 pm all seven days of the week. To make the most of your Everglades Airboat Tour, drop in early in the day and enjoy the entire day with Captain Randy. Whether you are coming with your kids, friends or partner, you will find something or the other of interest in Everglades. Just drop us an email at [email protected] and let us take care of the rest!

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