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Everglades Airboat Tours: Things to do in Everglades

The Everglades is filled with beautiful natural around you. Enjoy the scenic drives going through the everglades on Everglades Airboat Tours. Royal Palm to Flamingo, a 76-mile round-trip. This scenic drive along Main Park Road passes through prairies, rare pinelands, Mahogany Hammock, and ends at Florida Bay. The trip will last all day if you …

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Everglades Airboat Rides Miami: Beached Whales in the Everglades

This week Florida has experienced some unusual news on dozens of whales being stranded in the Florida Everglades. Wildlife officials, scientists and volunteers have been scrambling this week to save dozens of pilot whales that beached themselves in the shallow waters of Florida’s Everglades. A fishing guide on Dec. 3 discovered a pod of 51 …

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