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Miami Florida Everglades Tours: 10 Curious Crocodile Facts

Sure, when we hear the word “crocodile”, we automatically picture a large reptile, but do we ever stop to wonder what else is there to a crocodile other than its long jaw, and dry skin? Here you’ll learn 10 curious crocodile facts than you would have never guessed! Majority of crocodile jaws are composed of …

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Everglades Boat Tour: Up Close and Personal with Wildlife

Everglades Boat Tour Experiencing firsthand what an alligator or even a snake looks like up close…Talk about adventure! A visit to the Everglades on an Everglades Boat Tour is definitely the go-to option to experience wildlife in its natural habitat, plus it is a safe and secure way! From reptiles, amphibians, and mammals, the Everglades …

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